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As a beginner, I had an excellent first day with Carrie! The class was fun, incredibly difficult, and a great introduction. The instructor was careful to note that some of the more advanced poses were difficult and encouraged everyone in the room to pay attention to what their bodies could do. Looking forward to returning!

Hannah Warren

I have taken restorative yoga for three years now. I have lower back pain, bursitis and, chronic peripheral neuropathy. Restorative yoga helps to lessen the pain. I have seen a great improvement in my balance and confidence level. Just take a class, you will love it.

Kelly S

A big shout out to Lava Yoga! A year ago (September 2017) I was unable to run, which was my main form of exercise. Within 6 months of practice I was running again! During that span of time I became convinced yoga did more than get me back on trails, it has become part of my regular workout routine.
Knowledgeable and encouraging AKA "Awesome" instructors, a wide variety of classes and times, and a welcoming community of practitioners is what I have found. If you ever thought yoga is not for me, which I had, I encourage you to at least try it.

Greg Pruett

Why Lava Yoga!

Restored Health & Heart
Caring Community of Yogis
Quiet Meditation
Endless Smiles when Needed

For me, it’s not WHY but WHY NOT allow myself to enjoy this community,
So I do!

Jerel Wright

I have had a "tight" lower back for years from spending a lot of time in the bucket seat of a car for my job.

I especially noticed it when I would walk around town or stand in one place while shopping, and would have to take frequent breaks to stretch it out to keep my sciatic nerve from flaring up.

I started coming to Lava yoga in 11/2017 and enjoyed the warmth of the room as well as the warmth of the instructors! I love that I can taylor it to what I need each time.

Last week we took a trip to New York City and walked about 40 miles over the course of 5 days. After the 2nd day, it occurred to me that I had NO BACK TIGHTNESS! None! I was able to walk all day, on cement, and feel no discomfort at all. I know I can attribute that to core exercises and warm yoga.

I am 58 and not being hampered by lower back pain means everything to me! I'm so glad I found this place!

Christie Varberg

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